Printing Update

Utilizing the feedback of our community, Information Technology has worked with our vendor to correct the following printing issues.


Ordering of Documents and Duplicated Jobs: IT worked with Papercut (our vendor) for three weeks to nail down the source of the issue, which was determined to be a conflict between two universal drivers (one from HP and one from Papercut). As a result, both vendors have released updates which have addressed this issue.


Increased Function: As part of the update mentioned previously, when using "Printing at DU" you will now have the option to choose stapling, collating and other choices for HP printers, if supported. This was not previously available and represents an important addition. To ensure additional features on the Canon printers, we have added an additional queue, "Printing at DU - Canon Devices." This will automatically be added to computers across campus and may take some time to filter through the environment.


Classroom Printers and "Direct Printing": The IT team has fully reviewed all lab classrooms and identified that there was a configuration issue with Parmer 003, 004, and 114. Direct printing (or not needing to swipe to print during a class session) has been confirmed operational in these spaces, as well as other computer lab classrooms (Lewis 002, 004, 131, Crown 111, 320 and Parmer 212). 


Printer Charge Defaults: Printer Charge Defaults: We have removed the "personal charge account" for staff and faculty, so that the only account option is to select your department. This will remove confusion about personal/department accounts. Faculty/staff who would like to designate a primary department can do so by submitting a case to the Support Center, and that department will be auto-selected when printing in the future. An example of that experience is included below for reference:





















Prompts for Color and Duplex: We received feedback that clients wanted to specifically see the charge for their print job and explicitly designate color/black and white or duplex/single sided, ensuring that they know the cost before they went to a printer. This was a feature added, but if you designate your job as "duplex" in the application you're printing from, this dialog box will not appear. Also, if color is not detected in your print job, the color option will not appear. Dominican's duplex printing impact has moved from 50% of jobs to 75% of all jobs are printed by a choice to print in duplex and 4% of all jobs in color versus 16% in the Pharos system.



If you have any questions, please contact the Support Center at 708-524-6888 or by email at